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Bruce Palling and Wall Street Journal: Poverty of Western Restaurant Criticism and Ibai in Donostia

We are witnessing a very interesting moment in history today, regarding food and wine criticism.  On the one hand, there is a proliferation of bloggers, some with very good taste and the capacity to shape customer preferences. On the other hand, the established professional critics/judges are losing ground and credibility. This is for good reason. Maybe the common disease is that many critics may be able to tell good from bad ingredients, but they do not know about nuances and relative ingredient quality.  Hence they focus more on techniques applied to transform ingredients, and they are in a constant search for “novelty”. Such as Mr. Bruce Palling of Wall Street Journal. I read his review of Ibai in San Sebastian with awe and disbelief.

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Gastronomic Trip to Donostia/San Sebastian

6 trips in the last 7 years and we are as thrilled about the Spanish Basque country and cooking as we were in the beginning. Perhaps more so as we have finally understood well that what made this place a gastronomical mecca is more than the existence of a few internationally renowned restaurants but the prevalence of a culture, which sustains a way of life that puts a premium on community and tradition over full capitulation to the forces of globalization.

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