Spanish Red Wines (September - December 2014)

In this brief article, I will review the following wines:

1964 Lopez de Heredia Vina “Bosconia” Reserva
2002 Lopez de Heredia Vina “Bosconia” Reserva
2002 Lopez de Heredia Vina “Tondonia” Reserva
2006 Vega Sicilia, Valbuena 5 Ano
2007 Artadi Vina “El Pison”, Rioja
2008 Rene Barbier Priorat “Clos Mogador”
2013 Ribeira Sacro Amandi, Guimaro

2002 Lopez de Heredia Vina "Bosconia" Reserva

Tobacco, cedar, thyme and licorice aroma is complex. Full and forward fruit, particularly like pomegranate, underlaid by good acidity. This is a lively and Bourgogne like wine. Old style Rioja which has character and not dominated by oak and pruney. 13% alcohol. 92/100

2002 Lopez de Heredia Vina "Tondonia" Reserva 

Tempranillo, graciano, mazuela, garnacha blend. Dark ruby. Coffee, licorice, ripe plum and blackberry and Napoleon cherry. Fruity, silky and suave with good acidity, pure flavors, a touch earthy and spicy finish. Complex. 93/100

1964 Lopez de Heredia Vina "Bosconia" Reserva

Like an aged grand cru Bourgogne from 64. Powdered Ottoman strawberry and soft exotic aromatic profile, suave and very elegant with lingering raspberry and wild blueberries which still shine behind strong acidity that keep the wine fresh. Melted tannins and quite long finish. It is not intense but almost weightless and nervy. Less spice and earth in the finish than comparable Bourgogne. 95/100

2008 Rene Barbier Priorat "Clos Mogador"

Old vine carignane with some Grenache, Cabernet and Syrah. It needs to be decanted a few hours before to reveal its qualities. Black currants, lead, tiny bit of licorice and dried herbs aroma. First impression is the structure and dark forest fruits and strong (not sculptured) tannins and acidity but it displays harmony and becomes smoother and more suave throughout the meal (paired at the end with roasted becasse). There is cardamon and mace like spice and iron like minerality in the long finish. It should age very well. 14.5% alcohol. 94+/100

2006 Vega Sicilia, Valbuena 5 Ano

It is an OK new world style with jammy red fruit, anise, toffee nose and ripe and forward rich fruit which is not as jammy as it is in the nose. It was a relief after the over-extracted and over-oaky 2012  Mauro Crianza. Lush tannins and velvety-soft texture. This was the best wine available at Zurita. 89/100

2007 Artadi Vina "El Pison", Rioja

Artadi is interesting because the first impression is new world (typical in Rioja and Ribera) style with ripe fruit, soft tannins, etc., but his wines are not over-extracted and retain elegance and some complexity. 2007 is still a baby but is already displaying sweet spices, delineated red and black berries and a long finish with spicy and earthy notes. Excellent acidity and impressive texture. Harmonious. It should develop well. 94+/100

2013 Riberia Sacro Amandi, Guimaro

A good Mencia. Round, earthy and soft with a good core of black cherry eaten with pits. Low acid and low tannins. 88/100