Vedat MILOR Founder / Co-Lead Editor


My obsession with exquisite products and wines with character developed in tandem during my graduate studies at U.C. Berkeley. The food at the International House, Berkeley was beyond belief for somebody born in Turkey who was accustomed to fine home cooking. Chez Panisse came to my rescue and was an eye opener for me in the sense that I had never thought that one could eat great food in restaurants. (Even to this day, the best of the Turkish cuisine can only be experienced in households.) At about the same time, I also discovered the taste of decent, affordable French wines at Kermit Lynch. Next I was rewarded a nine months fellowship in France intended for Ph.D. research. Yet, in practice, I primarily studied how to wine and dine at the Michelin starred restaurants, including 30 or so meals at the best restaurant of the time, Robuchon’s Jamin (when there still was a 140 FF lunch menu, equivalent to about 15 USD given the exchange rate in the 1980s). Read More

Besim HATINOGLU Co-Lead Editor

My interest in gastronomy developed relatively recently. When I began my PhD, my primary passions were photography and cinema. I pivoted to food when I began trying to impress my then-girlfriend (now wife) by preparing exotic dinners for her. When we crossed the pond for further studies, I found that my skills in the kitchen increased as a result of not wanting to venture outside in the deep New England snow. I also began following different chefs–reading their books and trying to execute their recipes. And when we finally returned to London, my interest in food became a full-blown passion, thanks to this city’s proximity to Europe’s gastronomic centres. Like many others, I was initially enchanted by molecular cuisine and avant-garde trends, and as an extension of that preference, I was very critical of French classical cuisine for its lack of fireworks. A series of dining experiences altered my thinking and I am now enamoured with more traditional cooking styles. Read More

Robert BROWN Editor


When I was born, I was destined to dine. When I was a child, my parents began collecting fine wine, ate the food in France of Fernand Point and Raymond Oliver, and often took my brother and me to New York from our house in Western Massachusetts to New York to eat in the best restaurants. When I started my rare books and posters business in 1970, I made (and still make) frequent trips to Europe with my wife where we traveled the length and breadth of France and Italy (and often Japan) to visit and revisit the great and interesting restaurants. Read More