Gokhan ATILGAN works for J.P. Morgan Chase and is the co-lead editor of Mizanplas, a Turkish website on gastronomy.

Carola Sitjas BOSCH teaches Sommelier at CETT (University of Barcelona) and is co-writer of the gastronomic blog,

Rogelio ENRIQUEZ was previously involved in the wine trade and is a regular contributor to the Spanish newspapers and magazines.

Knut Harald GJELLESTAD works with investments and interested in philosophy, art, traveling, history, architecture, wine and gastronomy.

David KATZ is the managing director of Varuna Capital, an investment firm focused on the global aquaculture industry. He is also a novelist and lives on the island of Kauai.

David KINCH is the chef-proprietor of the three-Michelin-starred-restaurant, Manresa.

Tan MORGUL writes on gastronomy and culture, and is the author of Raki and Fish: A Mediterranean Seafood Odyssey (awarded the Gourmand prize in 2014).

Mert OZKESKIN holds a Ph.D. in MEMS/microfabrication systems and is currently a senior staff engineer at FormFactor.

Alexis PAPAZOGLOU writes on philosophy, politics and current affairs. He previously taught philosophy at the University of Cambridge, and Royal Holloway, University of London.

Yavuz SAC is the co-founder of Arda Bagcilik, a winery in the North-west of Turkey.

Candan TURKKAN completed her PhD in the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Department of Political Science and also holds MA degrees (as a Fulbright Scholar). She is currently teaching food, politics and sustainability to the future chefs of Turkey and beyond.

Atahan TUZEL works in telecommunications for Nokia US and is the author of books of poetry: Λ0[d.s.] – Kare – VII.